The Essential Marketing & Sales Seminar

For Small Transportation and Logistics Businesses



TMSA recently hosted two-day seminars in Chicago and Detroit. Topics covered included how to:

  • Understand the current marketplace, and learn how to adapting to changes, survive in a competitive environment, and thrive by creating a unique value proposition.
  • Hear from other Presidents/CEOs and Sales & Marketing Executives about how they've successfully developed a sales and marketing structure that drives business success. 
  • Gain practical insights on how to develop a strategic business plan that is then directly tied to a measurable marketing and sales strategy.
  • Learn the secrets to working on your business rather than just working in your business
  • Put into practice the 5 Ps of all successful business strategies, including how to differentiate yourself from the competition through a unique value proposition, dominating your markets, and increasing the size and quality of your pipelines.
  • Apply practical sales management tools that are easy to implement, including developmental coaching tools (such as SNAP Shot and GAP Analysis), sales process tools (such as individual success formulas), forecasting/pipeline management, and Review and Plan (RAP) sessions. 
  • Learn new distribution model options, creative ways to incentivize salespeople, and how to prioritize the right activity levels for your sales teams to ensure success.
  • Gain access to real world sales and marketing best practices and productivity tools to help build long-term, mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with customers.

Chicago Highlights:

Mark Christos of Matson Logistics discusses how acceleration of information and access to it, along with technology enabling brokerage value, has helped small transportation companies bring their performance to new levels of service.   Executives of small- and mid-sized transportation companies discuss how their companies adapt to the marketplace to not only survive but to thrive in a sluggish economy. Panelists included David Bungam of Tranzact Technologies, Jeff Pennington, President of LeSaint Logistics.

Detroit Highlights:

Scott Grady of Landstar, Independent Consultant Scott Taylor, and Tim Young of Knight Transportation give helpful tips on how to survive (and thrive!) in today's marketplace.   Front: Denny Grim of Business To Business Communications, Dawn Greaney of Greaney White & Associates, Mike Buttarazzi of MPS Truck Lines, Chris Schewe of Landstar Transportation, Eric Zybura of Approved Freight Forwarders, Chris Aranda of Nassbaum Transportation. Back Row: John Boyens, Brandon Coburn, Landstar CIF Agency, Daniel Davis of Jack Faulk Agency, Scott Grady of Landstar Transportation.