TMSA Member Company Spotlight: FayeBSG Expands Service Offerings

FayeBSG has been an Affiliate member of TMSA for a few years, building a solid reputation in the transportation industry for its CRM, CX and software integration capabilities. 

Since Intelestream was acquired by FayeBSG in 2019, the merging of the two companies has greatly expanded the service offerings for TMSA members, and the team is very excited to introduce the many ways they can help through their technological expertise.

TMSA recently virtually sat down with Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Director of Marketing Services and Industry Outreach at FayeBSG, to chat. 

TMSA: First and foremost, what are the expanded service offerings at FayeBSG?

Jen: Getting right to the good stuff! I like it. If you met the Faye team at a TMSA show in the past, you would probably know us as the SugarCRM experts. We still are Elite partners with SugarCRM –even being awarded the 2020 Global Reseller of the Year – and are proud of that relationship. However, when going to shows like the TMSA annual conference, we’d have great conversations with attendees who needed our help with their CRM platform, but were not using Sugar.  

They spoke, and we listened. Early this year, FayeBSG added Salesforce, HubSpot and Zendesk to our technical expertise. In just under nine months, we have become a Master Implementation partner with Zendesk. We acquired a Salesforce partner with an incredible skill set on the platform. And, we’ve increased our HubSpot capabilities by training our entire sales team on the platform and have invested in a digital team that works with clients on everything from complete website redesigns, digital ads, SEO strategies and more. Lastly, our marketing services department works with our clients to not only manage the technical side of their HubSpot or Sugar Market (another leading marketing platform) instance, but we also are creating their content.  We write blog content, email newsletters, post to social media, and graphic design.   

TMSA: Wow. That’s a big jump. How did the company grow so fast?

Jen: We had a really great foundation. Our team was ready to dive in and take on any challenges we could to help our clients. We have also expanded our team to bring on the absolute best people who have worked in these systems in and out. Our motto is “Anything is Possible” and that’s how we feel every day. 

TMSA: How does your process work? Where do you begin with a prospect now that you have a robust serving offering?

Jen: It always starts with a discovery call with any prospect. Whether it’s a vendor lead, someone we meet at a show, or someone reaching out to us on our website, we want to set out first to gather everything we can about what problems we can solve for them.   

On that discovery call, we listen. We want to know how companies are currently using their technologies, and maybe more importantly, how they wish they could be using their technologies. From there, we can assess all the different ways our expertise and guidance could be a fit, and sometimes these recommendations may lead to platform demos or further discovery calls.    

This is especially important for prospects in the transportation industry. It can be a complicated industry and has a lot of different use cases. Showing a transportation prospect exactly how our team can help them and how specific software integrations (like a TMS and CRM) work can go a long way. 

TMSA: What if a prospect doesn’t know where to begin with improving their technology or marketing?

Jen: For the marketing services side of things, we have a Marketing U-Pick Plan that clients really like. There are a lot of transportation companies with small marketing teams and they know they need help with content but don’t have the time or a particular skill set to move things along. The U-Pick Plan keeps our customers’ in the driver’s seat, we just help them across the finish line. It’s a 10-hour a month plan that gives them the support they need most. We do have more comprehensive plans as well, but the U-Pick is great for companies looking to dip their toe into a marketing agency engagement. 

TMSA: You have been a TMSA member for more than three years now. What keeps you coming back?

Jen: The easiest of answers: the people. TMSA is such a wonderful association to chat with people in the industry. I like to learn (hence why I am on the education committee with TMSA), so I love going to shows and going to all the networking events. The sessions are always so valuable too, but for me, having roundtable discussions about particular pain points is my favorite part. It’s always such honest conversations and valuable insight.

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