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Select Carriers has a specialized mission within the transportation industry, a purpose specifically related to helping small fleets to fill their backhaul lanes with consistent, reliable and profitable customer-generated freight. 

To accomplish our mission, Select Carriers acts as a complimentary extension of the carrier’s own internal sales effort. Our company offers strategic sales services to fill each carrier’s backhaul lanes. We bring major shippers to our contracted carriers as their direct customers. How do we achieve this goal?

  • First, we analyze each carrier’s current head-haul lanes to determine where the carrier’s geographical areas of need exist. Where is the carrier landing their trucks? How reliant are they on brokers for backhaul business? How many trucks are they putting into each market area? 
  • Second, we analyze our current shippers’ patterns to determine where matches exist. Does our manufacturing/shipping base reflect any of the carrier’s areas of strength? How many trucks is the carrier putting into these markets? Can the carrier offer a reliable level of availability to the shipper?  Does the carrier have the type of fleet (ie. equipment, features) that match the shipper’s freight needs?
  • The biggest challenge facing most carrier fleets is driver retention – and we at Select Carriers understand that reality. That’s why our third priority is to make a special effort to develop ‘Driver-Friendly’ freight.  We ask questions such as: Does the shipper and the receiver offer drop-trailer programs? Is the freight Easy On – Easy Off? Is there any driver handling required?  
  • Finally, Select Carriers emphasizes profitable freight in profitable lanes. When markets change and pricing changes along with it, we have the carrier’s interests at heart. Most shippers aren’t shy about asking for rate reductions when prices decrease. But when availability is in short supply – and therefore prices climb – we want our contracted carriers to be fairly compensated in line with market reality. 

When we work with carriers, here are the things we value and expect to ensure success:           

  • Consistently good service: We make it a point of providing great service, and we collaborate with you to create a strong shipper relationship. 
  • Our second requirement is a simple, easy-to-understand agreement between Select Carriers and the carrier that we represent – notably, our commission percentage ranges from 1/4 to 1/6 what a broker typically charges. 
  • Our third requirement is honesty and transparency on both sides. To successfully collaborate together, we rely on each other’s vision.
  • Finally, we value open, candid communication between our two companies. 

We will bring our shippers directly to you as your own customers. Once we represent your company, we’re part of your team. Our customers will become your customers. And – paired with our mutual commitment to success– we’ll support you in any reasonable request.

Let us introduce our team members to you (from L to R): 

    • Gabe Dee is president of Select Carriers, having taken the reins from our founder, Ray Dee. Gabe has been honing his skills since 1995, has great judgment and understanding of our industry. Our headquarters is located in northern New Jersey.
    • Jeff Miller, based in eastern PA, has been with Select Carriers since 2009 and will be celebrating his 10th anniversary with us. He’s held numerous senior sales positions with various carriers. Jeff is widely known in the industry and serves on boards of industry-wide organizations. 
    • Terry Shirley, based near Atlanta, also has a long association with truckload transportation, both refrigerated and dry, and is well-known among carriers and shippers alike. 
    • Cindy Egan is the glue that holds us all together, keeps us on task, and points us in the right direction. She also holds a degree in Industrial Engineering.
    • Ray Dee, our founder, has spent his career in transportation, having owned carriers and done commissioned sales. He founded Select Carriers in 1988 and currently serves as Chairman. 

Please learn more about us by visiting our website www.selectcarriersinc.comWe think you’ll be glad that you did! 

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