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YORK CONSULTING: How we got here.

York Consulting is a business-to-business call center and has been helping companies, by ensuring that there are always enough qualified business opportunities in our clients’ sales pipeline to drive topline revenue. We do this mainly through lead generation and appointment setting programs for sales teams and by qualifying website inquiries and tradeshow leads.

Our clients are typically looking for net new business, or calling into their existing clients for promotions, renewals, additional opportunities, reviving dormant accounts or a combination thereof. 

We’ve been in business for 20 years and our experience in the transportation and logistics sector started out quite organically and primarily through referrals. 

Our initial experience was primarily for 3PL providers but has grown to include:

  • Transportation: Flatbed, Heavy Haul, Refrigerated, Shuttles, Dedicated, Drive Away, T/L, LTL, 3PL Brokerage etc.
  • Value-added: Consolidation, Cross-dock, Kitting, Line Side Delivery, Repacking, Reverse Logistics. Warehousing, etc.
  • Intermodal: Port and Rail, Container Yard Services, Domestic and Flatbed Intermodal, etc.
  • Specialized Services: Air, Ocean and Ground Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Final Mile, fuel and fleet management, GPS tracking, etc. 

Joining TMSA presents a great opportunity to share our lead generation expertise with members and is also a part of our strategic approach to be the premier lead generation provider to the logistics and transportation sector.

How we help our clients grow.

Twenty years later we have a deep understanding of the challenges that clients in the transportation and logistics sector are trying to overcome and often hear that they have good salespeople in place, with good marketing support. The challenge typically is that their salespeople are busy managing existing accounts and day to day duties and do not have enough time to effectively and consistently prospect for the growth that they are looking for. 

Clients cite as their main challenges:

  • Not getting in front of enough new prospects to drive growth
  • Not having enough qualified sales appointments in their sales pipeline
  • Inconsistent internal lead generation efforts 
  • Difficulty in reaching their desired contacts (decision makers or influencers)  
  • Having a disproportionate share of revenue from too few accounts
  • Lack of strategy in reviving inactive accounts or calling into existing clients for additional business opportunities
  • Struggling to maintain market share, in highly competitive, mature lanes with decreasing margins

How we work.

As a first step, in consultation with the client, York develops a profile of the client’s preferred prospects. Using the prospect profile as a search criteria, York generates a prospect list based on the clients’ target markets and geographies for the client to review. (In some instances, clients provide their own prospect lists.) 

Upon approval of the prospect list by the client, York develops a draft script based on the challenges that the client is trying to overcome, information they are trying to gather and the overall objective/s that they want to fulfill. The draft script is sent to the client for their review and approval. 

Once the prospect list, script, objectives, scale and scope of the lead generation program are finalized, York selects their staff members accordingly. Selected staff are provided training and an orientation to the client’s specific objective/s in preparation of the client’s calling campaign.

Our staff  call into the prospect list to identify the contacts you have requested by title or job function. When we reach an approved contact (or referred contact), we introduce your company with the information in your script and ask your qualifying and market intelligence questions. If the contact meets your qualifying criteria and is interested in having a more detailed conversation with you, we will set the appointment according to pre-arranged scheduling for the sales representatives on the program. 

When an appointment is set it is then reviewed by quality control. We verify company and contact information, email address, that the script questions have been asked and the replies and notes are accurate and complete. The quality review goes one step further – we assess the contact’s commitment to the appointment. Every appointment must pass quality control before it is sent to you. 

To get an overview of how York could potentially help, please call Davis Elisha, Senior Director of Business Development at 437-537-5865 or email at [email protected] or visit us at

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