2018 TMSA Webinar

"The Minimum Viable Email Sequence"
Presenter: Arvell Craig, Design That Speaks

While social media is the sexy beast, email marketing is quietly still the king of the jungle. According to research studies, email generates 174% more total conversions than social media. In fact, it's said, "Email will almost always have a better ROI as it's less expensive and easy to deploy with very good conversions.” - With examples campaigns from lead nurturing to customer acquisition, Arvell will share his strategy for email success called: the minimum viable email sequence.


Arvell Craig is a marketing consultant, executive coach and speaker. For over 16 years he has advised businesses on digital marketing strategy and lead generation. He's a certified leadership trainer and coach, author and regularly speaks at the largest marketing conference in the country. His talks are filled with passion and practical insights that help organizations create successful and meaningful campaigns.

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