TMSA Champions: "I Am TMSA"

TMSA thrives as an professional industry association - but only by maintaining a strong network of individuals who are regularly leading and participatingEvery day, industry leaders and volunteers in transportation and logistics marketing and sales contribute their time, talents, and vision to bring value to the TMSA community. Here are their stories:

Mark Miller,
VP Corporate & Marketing Communications of Crowley Maritime, serves on the Board of Directors as a Member at Large and has been a member of the TMSA for more than 10 years. Miller brings exceptional perspective and member guidance through his experience spanning 23 years.
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Lori Miller, CEO of Exhibitpro, serves as an affiliate member of TMSA, and has recently become a sponsor of the annual TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference. Miller brings a skillful and brilliant perspective to TMSA because of her years of experience in strategic event development, execution and logistics.
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Don Friddell, Director of Marketing for Kenco, has been instrumental in leading educational initiatives as the Chair of the Education Committee. He has successfully leveraged his industry knowledge and connections to bring value to the TMSA community, and has developed his leadership skills as a result. Given his commitment and energy, Don was named as the 2017 TMSA Member of the Year. His advice to any new member: “Volunteer. Find a place to plug in!”
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Candi Cybator

Candi Cybator currently is Vice President of Content and Strategy, and is known in TMSA circles to have passion for everything she does. Candi shares her keys to success in leadership.
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David HoppensDavid Hoppens serves on the TMSA Board of Directors. Formerly a President and Chairman of TMSA and now an active board member at large, he brings more than 25 years of experience in leading the association to new heights.
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Jodi CapeJodi Cape, Marketing Manager for LeSaint Logistics, serves on the TMSA Board of Directors. Formerly Chairperson of the TMSA Recognition Committee, Jodi has an unassuming, quiet disposition - but her fun energy is infectious and enjoyed by the entire leadership team.
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Hernan VeraHernan Vera, Managing Partner for Sales Outcomes, has served on the TMSA board of directors for several years, formerly in both the President and Chairman roles. He was instrumental in leading the development of TMSA's new Marketing & Sales Metrics study - now a flagship research project allowing TMSA to provide the industry with unique research not found anywhere else.
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