Using Empirical Evidence to Strengthen Organizational Trust

Low trust workplace environments that go unchecked will begin to affect an organization deeply concerningly. Quiet quitting, low morale, chronic miscommunication, declining loyalty, high turnover, low productivity, promotions without raises, whisper-level conversations, office bullying, identities wrapped up in job titles, systemic solutions entrenched in status quo and satisfaction surveys with no meaningful or actionable follow-up are just some of the ways that distrust permeates throughout an organization. This all too common reality for many organizations leads to damaged relationships between leaders, employees, and teams, and ultimately affects the customer experience in negative ways.

Increased employee turnover, decreased employee productivity, slumping sales, declining employee engagement, consistently missed deadlines and declining Net Promoter scores are all success indicators directly impacted by organizational distrust.

For leaders, these spiraling indicators can feel lonely, shameful and embarrassing.

For teams, these spiraling indicators can be unsettling, demoralizing and stressful.

For organizations, these spiraling indicators can be uncomfortable, gossip-inducing and overwhelming.

“Your keynote session was a Master Class. Well done. You are very engaging when discussing the implications of your research. Even more significantly, the participants saw some clear pathways to building trust in their organization, which will lead to improvements in their organization’s KPIs.”

- Frank Yamada, Executive Leader

Cory Scheer

Founder and CEO, 
TrustCentric Consulting

About TrustCentric Consulting

Cory Scheer is the Founder and CEO of TrustCentric Consulting, an organizational and leadership development firm. TrustCentric helps leaders, teams, and organizations assess and take action on strengthening trust by: using empirical evidence to define reality, actualizing a proven trust building framework, and walking alongside clients to develop clear, obtainable and long lasting data informed strategies for success. Core solutions that TrustCentric provides include: Comprehensive Organizational Trust Assessments, Executive and Team Coaching, Structure of Trust Cohorts and Workshops, Strategic Planning Retreats, Keynote / Seminar Speaking, and ongoing organizational and leadership development retainer support.

In addition to over 25 years in leadership roles in multiple sectors, Cory has obtained an Executive MBA (Rockhurst University) and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (University of Missouri). Cory has worked with small businesses, school districts, corporations, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, municipalities and ministries to provide vital support and clear direction on how to ensure people, practices, and policies become more trustworthy so that key performance indicators improve. Cory is the co-author of The National Survey on Brand and Trust with BrandCertain. Cory is also the developer of the online course, The Complete Guide to Building Organizational Trust (