Looking for effective sales training that generates business results specific to transportation and logistics?

What are your development needs?

TMSA now offers tried and true virtual development opportunities brought to you by our trusted affiliate organizations.

The Logistics Sales Academy is an online learning hub built exclusively by and for logistics sales professionals. Unlike many other options out there, development from the Logistics Sales Academy is:

  • On Your Schedule: Skill development that is available when you need it, without taking time away from your customers and other obligations.
  • Just for Transportation & Logistics: Designed exclusively for Transportation and Logistics sales professionals, focused on what works, and does not, in our industry.
  • Built-in Accountability: Finally, virtual learning with real teeth. Each course is designed for maximum results through required assignments for practice and application, peer feedback and 1:1 coaching from instructors.

The ever-expanding curriculum includes:

Accelerating Virtual Sales Success

Price: $349

Your sales results cannot wait for face to face meetings. Sales people today need to be great at the basics AND comfortable connecting with prospects in a virtual environment. In this on-demand dynamic course, you will learn to leverage virtual selling techniques to connect with prospects and customers, build deeper relationships, advance opportunities through the pipeline, and close sales.



LinkedIn for Logistics

Price: $89

Social Selling is not a "silver bullet" or a replacement for the rest of your sales activities. It is, however, an excellent supplement as a part of a broader approach. In this course, you will learn how to effectively leverage LinkedIn for our specific style of B2B selling, without over-investing.


Account Development: Building a Profitable Business and Loyal Customers

Price: $399

Imagine if you could consistently expand, grow, and retain your existing customers. Organizations know that they need to protect their most valuable clients, and that their quickest path to growth is growing existing relationships… but how? A solid approach to account management helps build long-term, high-value relationships so your existing clients will stay with you for longer, spend more with you, and are open to cross-selling opportunities. Account managers are pulled in many directions. This course gives them a path to success that will pay dividends.



360 Degree Feedback and Development Planning Workshop

Price: $499

Want to be the best you can be? Make sure you have a well-rounded view of your current effectiveness and plan for growth. This program will help you do both! Ideal for anyone looking to get insights to and level-up their own effectiveness in their current role.




“I had a great experience taking a course last year through TMSA and Luminaries Consulting. Sara and Holly bring an abundance of knowledge and guidance, specifically in the transportation industry. It’s always positive when you’re able to leave a course with a few additional tools in your toolbelt. I look forward to signing up for more courses with Luminaries Consulting in the future.”

- Ryan Hickey, Director of Client Solutions, LeSaint Logistics





“Accelerating Virtual Sales Success is the second training opportunity we have had to work with Logistics Sales Academy and Luminaries Consulting. The ability to participate in industry-specific training is an important factor to us, and one we feel makes the training more immediately impactful. This is exactly what we found in this training series. The sign of effective training is when your team is recounting what they learned, how they applied it, and how it helped them win business well beyond the training period. We are fortunate to be experiencing just that since our team took the "Accelerating Virtual Sales Success" course."

- Gary Cornelius, VP of Business Development, TCW


Meet Your Instructors

Sara Black
Partners and Co-Founder, Luminaries Consulting
Holly LaBoda
Partners and Co-Founder, Luminaries Consulting

Sara Black and Holly LaBoda are Partners and Co-Founders of Luminaries Consulting, specializing in organizational learning, strategy, and change. Separately, they have shaped organizational strategy, enhanced skill sets and improved performance of leading organizations such as C.H. Robinson, Emirates Group, Land O’Lakes, and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Together, they leverage their unique experience and skillset to partner with organizations looking to improve their capabilities and results.

Questions? Contact Holly LaBoda at 612-669-6762 or email