On-Demand Webinar: "Taking The Mystery Out Of Responding To RFI/RFP/RFQs"
Presenters: Dave Balawender, Manager Solutions, FedEx Services; Marilyn Janas, President, TRANSVORTO

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Responding to a request for proposal can be an extremely time-consuming and anxiety-ridden process. Yet, when the roles of Sales and Marketing are clearly defined, and a cross-functional team involving both disciplines are assembled, securing the business becomes more likely. View this on-demand webinar and you'll:

  • Discover when it’s appropriate to respond and when to decline
  • Define the role of value beyond pure price
  • Identify the Investment, Value, Negotiation, Award, and Retention Transition Phases 
  • Determine who has decision-making power and how to engage them in the process 
  • Learn how to define an effective Negotiation Process and select the right negotiation partner 
  • Discover how to effectively retain customers once you've secured them

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