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Learn How to Create & Foster an Inbound Marketing Ecosystem in 10 Steps

How to Create and Foster an Inbound Marketing Ecosystem

The transportation and logistics industry is in a current state of rapid change, thanks mostly to the evolution of technology. Customers want to conduct their research both online and with industry peers (HubSpot reports that purchasers don’t even engage with a salesperson until they are 70% of the way through the evaluation process). With this in mind, transportation and logistics companies everywhere are looking to evolve their organization, as well as their sales and marketing efforts, in order to meet these customers where they are in the buying cycle at any given point.

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Download The Disruption of the Traditional Sales FunnelDownload The Disruption of the Traditional Sales Funnel

This white paper will show you how emerging technologies, more immediate access to market data, and changing needs in transportation and logistics have become disrupters of the traditional sales funnel in the transportation and logistics industry. Download this study to learn: how the Sales Funnel has changed, what these changes mean for you, and how to adapt to the new selling environment.

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