More than ever, logistics and transportation firms need to define and capitalize on a clear competitive advantage. The market landscape of 3PL providers, ocean carriers, motor carriers, railroads, port authorities, not to mention emerging and unexpected competitors, such as Amazon, is crowded. What’s more, the post-pandemic world looks incredibly different for most workforces, with a severe talent shortage that now extends well beyond drivers and frontline warehouse workers. Hiring and retaining a diverse pool of talent has quickly become the difference-maker for companies inside and outside of logistics.

    Tariq Khan, author of a new book, Leadership in Changing Times, believes that every business has been disrupted; the old ways and norms of customer relationships and employee engagement have permanently changed, and our industry is no exception.

    Diversity can play an absolutely transformational role in your business and will become a competitive advantage for firms who master it. Join us to hear from a strategic thinker and NYU adjunct professor, Tariq Khan, who will discuss how ethnic, gender and lifestyle diversity are reshaping the rules of engagement. You will walk away with useful tips to lead and manage in a customer-centric environment where your incoming workforce will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.

    This must-attend session will focus on leading in a new environment and leveraging innovative opportunities to gain competitive advantage across your organization, securing growth into the future.


    Tariq Khan

    Founder & CEO, Global Diversity Marketing | Global Diversity University
    Tariq Khan is a published author, global sought-after keynote speaker and a recognized business leader who brings the combination of corporate and professional leadership experience along with academic learning. His expertise includes thought leadership, innovative marketing strategy, cultural transformation and the diversity and inclusion arena. He has had a distinguished twenty-year corporate career and has held senior leadership roles for major global Fortune companies, including ING, Nationwide, and MetLife. In his last corporate job, Tariq was Senior Vice President and Head of Market Development for ING.

    In 2010, Tariq founded his company, Global Diversity Marketing (GDM) in New York. GDM is leading management consulting firm that has helped global Fortune companies and coached C-Suites leaders to adopt and thrive in the changing environment.