Ready to Play Moneyball? Mastering the Right Formula for Your Sales Team's Success

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Being a sales leader isn’t just about leadership and relationships anymore. It’s about mastering the right formula for talent, skills, training, incentives, coaching and much more.

There’s no question the ingredients in the formula for sales team success are complicated --- and that’s why we’re bringing sales leaders in logistics and transportation today’s webinar. (Ironically, did you know that most sales leaders have never had any kind of formal training or development?--- let's fix that!)

This webinar will explore the three most important ingredients in your formula of success for your sales team, including:

  • The mission-critical competencies every sales manager must have
  • The single most important thing you can do as a sales leader to impact your sales team’s results
  • Maximizing sales performance with a focus on just a few, high-ROI development areas

Presented by:

Partner and Co-Founder, Luminaries Consulting

Holly LaBoda helps logistics companies of all shapes and sizes get, keep, and grow larger customers. As a Partner and Co-Founder of Luminaries Consulting, she loves working with clients to help them achieve their goals. A pragmatic business success partner, she takes a holistic view of an organization’s, or individual’s, current state and future goals and helps them design practical ways to bridge the gap. She wants to see all her clients get real results, fast.

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