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When you join the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA), you belong to a unique group of professionals in the transportation, logistics and supply chain industry. Members have one thing in common: they’re striving to generate business results for their companies through strategic and innovative sales, marketing and communications initiatives.


When you join, you become part of a community with members who have varied experience levels and responsibilities in business management, communications, marketing, and sales. Members represent companies from all market segments – including 3PLs (logistics providers, freight forwarders, IMCs, and others), carriers of all modes (motor carriers, railroads, ocean carriers), maritime players including port authorities, technology innovators, and original equipment manufacturers.

Additionally, "partner members" provide valuable marketing and sales-related products and services to members, including industry media companies, PR/advertising agencies, and other companies that provide relevant solutions, such as digital marketing, event planning and execution, sales coaching, and business strategy.

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Members strengthen their individual development, their businesses and the industry at large. TMSA's focus is to be the pre-eminent non-profit sales & marketing association that transportation and logistics professionals turn to for industry-specific education, connections and resources. With multiple levels of membership, you can find the right fit for you.

Membership Levels

Partner Member

If you are a service provider looking to get involved in TMSA and meet potential prospects, then the Partner Membership is for you. Includes up to 10 individuals assigned to the membership.

Corporate Member

A corporate membership is great for a company or organization that primarily engages in freight transportation, logistics, or warehousing services, or that provides the technology or equipment to perform such services. Includes up to 10 individuals on the account.

Individual Member

An individual person involved in the marketing, sales, or communications for a company or organization that primarily engages in freight transportation, logistics, or warehousing services. 

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Member Testimonials

"I've been in freight marketing for more than a decade and I've never felt more at home than while at a TMSA conference. Marketing in this industry can be a very lonely position but the TMSA provides community and insight that emphasizes collaboration over competition. If you're looking for personal growth and opportunities to learn from colleagues within the freight world, you need to become involved with the TMSA."

Blythe Brumleve | TMSA Testimonial

Blythe Brumleve

Founder at Digital Dispatch | Host of Cyberly on Freightwaves

"We have been a Corporate member of TMSA for several years now.  TMSA has and continues to bring value in the areas of both education and networking. Education through TMSA is two-fold. First, the association offers regular opportunities to learn through structured events. Second, education comes through a great connection to other TMSA members in like-positions who are willing to discuss and share what we are all doing to win.  The networking opportunities, both virtual and in-person, have provided valuable contacts with both vendors and industry partners that enable us to build and deploy "best practices" in our sales and marketing efforts."

Gary Cornelius | TMSA Testimonial

Gary Cornelius

VP of Business Development, TCW

"New connections. Professional development. Thought-provoking content. Community.
If you're in sales or marketing and looking to make genuine connections in the industry of supply chain and hone your skills at the same time, join TMSA - Transportation Marketing & Sales Association!"

Sawyer  Byers | TMSA Testimonial

Sawyer Byers

Marketing Manager, KCH Transportation

"The members of TMSA are unmatched in enthusiasm and willingness to share experiences to elevate transportation and logistics.  This community of communicators (and sales experts!) is generous with their time and eager to support each other for the greater good of our industry.  Our corporate membership provides access and opportunities for growth and we encourage our team members to leverage all that TMSA has to offer via events, webinars and mentors."

Eileen Curran | TMSA Testimonial

Eileen Curran

Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Odyssey Logistics & Technology

"I’ve spent my career generating revenue in the logistics space, and I’ve always thought the salespeople were the tip of the rev gen spear. When I joined the TMSA, I was exposed to a multitude of practitioners, people and organizations, hyper-focused on marketing and sales methodologies specific to rev gen in the transportation, logistics and supply chain space. By studying best practices and engaging on one-to-one conversations with other peer members of the TMSA, I came to the realization that the rev gen hero isn’t only the sales person, but each of the commercial team members surrounding them, in marketing, learning and development, customer success, sales support and operations that together execute a successful rev gen strategy. How we invest and track our sales and marketing dollars, how we execute new strategies and the level of return we’re getting back on our sales and marketing investments has been transformed through our relationship with the TMSA and its members."

Jason Ickert | TMSA Testimonial

Jason Ickert

President, Sonwil Logistics | Sonwil Transportation

"The spirit of collaboration within TMSA is unlike any other I've experienced, and the level of professionalism and expertise in sales and marketing within transportation is unparalleled. Becoming a member of TMSA was an easy decision and is without a doubt the most economical and valuable membership within supply chain, and many of my closest friends and partners in business came through relationships established through TMSA."
Trey Griggs | TMSA Testimonial

Trey Griggs

Founder & CEO, BETA Consulting Group

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