TMSA 2022: Annual Conference Debrief

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TMSA 2022: Annual Conference Debrief

TMSA’s 2022 Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference in Orlando helped industry professionals to step up their game – to learn, to grow, to transform.

  • What key takeaways and themes emerged from the conference?
  • What were the highest-rated sessions?
  • Where do we go from here?

In this interactive webinar, TMSA Executive Director Jennifer Karpus-Romain and the MC of the event, Trey Griggs, Founder & CEO, BETA Consulting Group, as they discuss the conference and will share findings from the post-conference survey and lead an informal discussion to help “level up” the conference experience for 2023.

This webinar is for anyone who:

  • Missed the annual conference
  • Attended the event but couldn’t catch every session
  • Wants to help shape next year’s conference

Presented by:

Jennifer Karpus-Romain, TMSA Executive Director

Jennifer serves as the Executive Director at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) and as an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College teaching social media. Previously, she was Director of Marketing for Faye and has also held roles in the publishing and marketing industries, and managed her own content and publishing firm.

Trey Griggs, Founder & CEO, BETA Consulting Group

Trey Griggs will be serving as the MC at the TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference! In 2010, Trey transitioned to a career in sales and marketing, cutting his teeth in door-to-door office supply sales for 15 months before accepting an opportunity with a tech company. In subsequent roles, Trey not only exceeded his sales targets, but he also became the face and the voice of the companies he represented, building a personal brand on social media to create familiarity and trust among prospects, clients and partners. Trey also loves podcasting, focusing on moderating panels and interviewing guests. He hosts a weekly video podcast, The Word on the Street, as well as a daily video podcast, Standing Out.

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