TMSA: Getting the Most from Your Membership

Whether you are a new member of TMSA or a long-time supporter, understanding everything you get from your TMSA membership is a key to your success.

Interested in engaging industry events? Looking to search through years of education? Want discounts to other shows or programs? Need a benchmarking study for sales and marketing spend and technology use? TMSA has your back.

In this webinar, TMSA’s Membership Committee will share advice, tips and resources for how to get the most out of your TMSA Membership, discussing the absolutely BEST ways for you to maximize access and engagement, including:
• Education: Research, blogs, training session recordings and more
• Networking: Virtual roundtables, member database access, affiliate partners and vendors for salespeople and marketers
• Events: Webinars, annual conference and regional events both in-person and virtual

Bring your calendars and your team and make your ‘hit list’ for the rest 2022 and beyond!