TMSA Recognition Program FAQ's


1. How do I submit a nomination?

Go to, choose which award you'd like to apply for, click "Submit Nomination" at the bottom, fill out the form, and submit.

2. What are the awards categories

There are a few different award categories: Trailblazers, Purpose, Rising Stars, and Mountain Movers. You can find a full list and description of the awards here: 

3. Can I submit for a Purpose award for a sustainability initiative?

Yes! We recognize both community programs and sustainability initiatives. Added bonus: You can submit for both! No need to choose. 

4. Is there a word count limit? 

Yes, the submission forms will include the award word count limit. 

5. Can I nominate myself?

Certainly! You are your own biggest supporter.

6. Is there a limit to the number of nominations I can submit?

There is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit. Feel free to submit as many as you feel are appropriate. However, while it is free for members to submit, non-members are charged $200 per submission.  You can learn more about becoming a member here

8. I submitted my nomination. What’s next?

Thank you for taking the time to submit your nomination. We value your contribution and once the submission period concludes, we will notify you if you have been selected as a winner.

9. How will I know if I won?

Once the submission period comes to an end, we will carefully review each nomination over the course of a few weeks. After the winners have been chosen, they will be notified via email and provided with further instructions, including embargo information, etc.

10. Can I make changes to the nomination after I hit submit?

No, unfortunately, you cannot make edits or changes to the nomination after it’s been submitted.

11. What is the entry fee?

As a TMSA member, applications are free. However, if you are not a member there is a $200 fee to apply per submission. You can learn more about becoming a member here

12. How is my submission judged?

The submissions are judged by professional industry experts.

13. Is there an award ceremony? 

Yes, but it looks a little different for each award! The Purpose Awards will be announced in a special online event in April, and highlighted at the ELEVATE Conference.  The Trailblazer and Rising Stars award winners will be recognized at the ELEVATE Conference held in June. Mountain Movers will be announced at the opening reception of the Executive Summit in October. 

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