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chuck everett

Chuck Everett

Title: Senior Director of Business Development
Company: Red Classic Transportation


A 45+ year veteran of the transportation industry, I came into this back when it was still called TRUCKIN’, we didn’t have a ‘G’ on the end.

I cut my teeth in Operations/Dedicated Services; and Sales over the course of my career, I have absolutely NO regrets in career choice.  I have seen so much changes from the initiation of intermodal, to the transformation of ‘truckers’ to full blown Logistics Providers, where 3 or 4PL. 

In my time I have worked for such notable companies as: JB Hunt Transport, Swift Transportation; US Xpress; Pacer Global Logistics; BNSF Logistics; and finally at Red Classic Transportation.

I count myself blessed beyond measure to have been associated with a number of people who have made an impact on my life both professionally and personally.  I like to live by the mantra that my past is mine, but the future belongs to those I can help mold and teach.


Go To Market Panel

Deciding how a company “goes to market” raises a number of questions. Who is part of the process? What are the numbers and percentages should we expect and when will we see them? How can we determine how this compares to competitors and industry standards?

This Go To Market Panel will answer these questions and more as they dive into business development best practices currently going on in the transportation and logistics industry today, and what we should be on the lookout for tomorrow.  

Learn from some of the industry’s leading decision makers, practitioners and implementers who are responsible for generating the revenue for their company.

Date/Time: Monday, June 12 at 4 p.m.