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David ADler

David Adler

Title: President
Company: Adler Law Group


Since 1997, David Adler has managed a boutique law practice focused on Entertainment, Media and Communications, providing advice to business units and executives on rights creation and enforcement, commercializing inventions, contracts and licenses, securities laws, and corporate governance.

David has been peer-designated as an Illinois Leading Lawyer and an Illinois SuperLawyer®. David occasionally writes and his articles also appear in State Bar journals and trade journals.

David is licensed in Illinois, a member of the Illinois State Bar, Federal General Bar and Federal Trial Bar, and Secretary of the Illinois State Bar Association Privacy and Information Security Section. He taught Music Law at DePaul Law (Law ’97) and Art & Entertainment Law at Columbia College Chicago.


Protecting Your Brands: Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Creating Strong Brands

Digital marketing might seem easier than ever. Social media, review sites, and other tools can help find customers and grow a business in a matter of a few weeks. Creating a solid marketing strategy depends on strong brands. As more companies move online increasing the noise in already crowded channels, protecting your brand is more important than ever. Taking specific examples from real-world client experiences, this discussion will examine how companies can create strong brands, how to act strategically in various contexts, and the lessons that can be learned from prior successes.

The presentation covers four key objectives:

  • Provide the basic source of trademark and brand rights
  • Provide strategic considerations when creating brands
  • Identifying common pitfalls that undermine brand protection
  • Understanding different types of protection available and the steps for protection

Date/Time: Monday, June 12 at 2 p.m.