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Deborah Gardner

Action Packed Motivational Sales & Marketing Speaker
DG International, LLC


A Marine Brat growing up in a small 16-foot trailer, a real-life wedding crasher to an Olympic Trial swimmer, a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female broadcasters with CBS Sports to a longtime hospitality sales & marketing veteran, Deborah Gardner knows how to transform people that want less resistance and more momentum while working and living in the fast lane.

Better known by many Fortune 500 companies as the Pit Bull in a Skirt, Deborah is an in-demand global keynote speaker with an explosive high-energy, captivating, engaging and in your face sassy, yet fun approach. Deborah’s real-world case studies and examples about “taking action” comes from her exclusive first-hand research which profiles her as the best when it comes to delivering her findings on the international stage. Deborah is also a popular conference host, business entrepreneur, bestselling author presenting for hundreds of companies and organizations like Vitesse Worldwide Transportation, Walmart, Direct Selling Assoc, Blue Cross Blue Shield, RV Industry Assoc., Outdoor Industry Association, Pile Driving Contractors Assoc., Best Western, FleetCon, Interstate Hotels, and more. Also, due to her 30-year experience in the meetings and events space, Deborah is a certified meeting professional, one of only seven speakers worldwide.


STREAMLINE INTO ACTION: Accelerate YOU To Drive Greater Results NOW!

Massive changes and recent crises have affected the transportation industry and YOU! New studies demonstrate nearly three quarters of sales and marketing professionals are stressed out, burned out and bummed out. And no matter what role or level you are at – this has implications that impact what you do every day.

BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELT! Watch how competitive performance expert, Deborah Gardner, explains the authentic parallel between the tough sport of competitive swimming and the fast-paced sales and marketing world with her exclusive methodology that will help you create the greatest results with least residence.

Sales and marketing are not for the faint of heart. Sales and marketing are about solving pain and creating gain for you and the customer. Achieve enormous momentum in this captivating, entertaining and highly energetic message. Take the plunge! Get off the block and GO! Up for the challenge

  • Enhance your mindset with the STREAMLINE METHOD to maximize productivity while making hitting the ground running strategy number one.
  • Discover your greatest asset, receive practical strategies and gain real-world insights from top performers that WIN!
  • Participate with your peers to learn how to dominate any stumbling blocks that slow innovation and adaptation - and embrace opportunities to overcome them.

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 13 at 11:30 a.m.