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Lareal Lipkins - 2022 Headshot

L'areal Lipkins

Title: CEO
Company: Lipkins Consulting Group LLC


L'areal Lipkins is a B2B sales expert, consultant, and speaker with over ten years of experience teaching salespeople how to convert more prospects into paying clients.

Although L'areal has experience working with companies in over 50 industries, what really makes L'areal unique is that she makes sales very simple and repeatable. As a result, salespeople can quickly go from information to implementation and start seeing results immediately.

Before starting her consulting firm in 2018, L'areal was a sales trainer and consultant at the largest sales training company globally, with over 250+ locations worldwide.

As a speaker, L'areal mixes humor, role-plays, and a straightforward approach to keep audiences of all sizes engaged and on their toes. Within minutes it's easy to tell that sales is not just what L'areal talks about it's what she lives and breathes.


Marketing and Sales: How to Grow Revenue through Alignment

Date/Time: TBD