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Marie Matzinger

Marie Matzinger 

Company: Savannah Bananas
Title: Fans First Director


Having been part of the original team to launch the Bananas in 2015, Marie has worn various hats throughout her time in Savannah. These days, she champions the Bananas’ Organizational Culture by bringing new talent through the application and onboarding process, as well as, through finding new ways to show continued appreciation and recognition for veteran teammates.

Marie has shared the story of Fans First and the strategies the Bananas implement while leading workshops with various groups including, Great Dane Trailers and Junior Achievement of Georgia. Additionally, her contribution to the Bananas' Culture and team growth has been featured in several books, including Employees First! by Donna Cutting and Fans First by Jesse Cole.


Creating a Fans First Experience for your Organization

Date/Time: Monday, June 12 at 9 a.m.

Jared Orton, President of the Savannah Bananas, will share how The Savannah Bananas - the most fun team in sports - has built a culture that focuses on loving people and building fans no matter who you serve, what you do, or what role you’re in. Get ready to laugh, cry, and Go Bananas!

Kara Heater, Savannah Bananas Marketing Director; Marie Matzinger, Savannah Bananas Fans First Director; and Carson Bowen, Savanah Bananas Ticket Experience Director will join Jared onstage for a Q&A session with attendees.