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Trey Griggs

Title: Founder & CEO
Company: BETA Consulting Group


Trey began his career as a high school physics teacher & coach, also spending much of his time working with students as a youth pastor.   After transitioning to a career in sales and marketing, cutting his teeth in door-to-door office supply sales for 15 months, he accepted an opportunity with a technology company in transportation & logistics.  In his first year, Trey earned Sales Rep of the Year and was quickly promoted to Enterprise Sales where he led the team in revenue-generation each of the following three years.   

In subsequent roles, Trey not only exceeded his sales targets, but he also became the face and the voice of the companies he represented, building a personal brand on social media to create familiarity and trust among prospects, clients and partners. 

Trey enjoys coaching CEOs and their teams on branding and messaging, guiding them to build a lasting brand that attracts the right customers and team members.  He is also a skilled writer producing website content, blogs, white papers, customer testimonials and social media content.  C-level executives and sales & marketing leaders rely on Trey to promote and build collaboration between sales and marketing teams in order to grow revenue.  


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