For today’s panel, we’ve assembled an outstanding team of smart executive leaders in transportation and logistics to shed light on the major shifts happening in the workplace as well as critical success factors for modern sales and marketing departments.  In this panel discussion moderated by TMSA Board Member and Digital Dispatch’s Founder, Blythe Brumleve, you’ll walk away with invaluable insights from the experts who have seen and done it all. 

Questions the panelists will tackle include:

  • We've seen the power pendulum swing from the company to the worker—as teams evolve into hybrid and flexible work environments--how are you approaching recruiting and retaining that talent within the company?
  • When we're working in a variety of formats (in-person, from home, remote, etc...) processes and vision can feel a little disheveled. How do you make sure the company's core values are being represented and reiterated that are consistent among all employees regardless of rank?
  • Getting more budget and resources is a perennial theme for sales and marketing organizations.  What are your tips for building a business case, and getting your CEO to invest and believe in these functions?
  • Sales and Marketing are often small but increasingly prominent departments in logistics and transportation firms.  How are their roles evolving and becoming more strategic?

Bring your own questions!  The audience will have a chance to ask the panelists questions at the end of the formal remarks. 

Panelists include:

kathleen-kaag@2xkristy v2Beth Potratz HeadshotHeadshot - JenniferMosso

  • Kathleen Kaag, Vice President of Marketing, LoadSmart
  • Kristy Knichel, CEO/President, Knichel Logistics
  • Beth Potratz, Founder, President and CEO, Drive My Way
  • Jennifer Mosso, Vice President of Shipper Growth, Transfix