Marketing Committee

The TMSA Marketing Committee is divided into two powerhouse subcommittees: Marketing Strategy and Marketing Promotions. Both teams work diligently to assist TMSA Headquarters in executing the promotion and strategy behind TMSA marketing initiatives.

Committee Members

Marketing Committee v3

Marketing Committee Co-Chairs: 

Lina Acosta, Chief Marketing Officer, GLT Logistics
John Meier, Marketing Director, ODW Logistics

Marketing Subcommittee Co-Chairs:
Cassandra McRae, Marketing Manager, A.Duie Pyle
Jill Jones, Digital Marketing Manager, Saddle Creek

Committee Members: 
Patsy Murphy, Marketing & Sales Support Coordinator, RLS Logistics
Missy Pinksaw, Director, Corporate Marketing, CIE Manufacturing
Nadine Nocero-Tye, Partner, SyncShow
Rahmel Wattley, President, Truck N' Hustle
Kate Speer, VP of Marketing, Engagement & Investor Relations, JLE Industries
Mattie Fisher, Marketing Manager, John Greene Logistics & Greene Transport Companies
Sawyer Byers, Marketing Director, KCH Transportation
Conrad Winter, Owner & Freelance Copywriter, Conrad Winter
Bianca Sanchez, Sr. Program Manager, Communications, Saddle Creek Logistics Services
Kevin Ruano, Communications & Content Marketing Manager
Rain Carpenter, Marketing Communications Specialist, 3GTMS
Katherin Camargo, Marketing Director, Hubtek
Joe Wright, Director, Marketing & Communications, Milestone Equipment Holdings
Meghan Murphy, Director of Marketing and Communications, BM2 Freight Services, Inc.

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