Start the morning out with some fun fitness with Dr. Mark Manera, founder/CEO of The Trucking Fitness Company on the Coquina Lawn
Each class will include:
  • Warm up for 5 minutes
  • 10-15 min full body circuit training workout (go at your own pace and scalable to your fitness level)
  • 10 min cool down/mobility
  • Hangout and chat for as long as you want!

Mark Manera Head Shot

Dr. Mark Manera, Founder/CEO of The Trucking Fitness Company (TFC)

Dr. Mark Manera is the Founder/CEO of The Trucking Fitness Company (TFC). As a Physical Therapist, he saw firsthand what a lifetime of trucking can do to a person’s body. From that experience, Mark was inspired to start TFC, with the mission to make the trucking industry a healthier place. TFC provides trucking and logistics organizations competitive advantages in recruiting and retention through industry-leading exercise and nutrition coaching.