Outside of your website and email list, a podcast is the only digital medium you will ever truly own. So why haven’t more transportation and logistics companies seized this marketing opportunity? Mostly because they overcomplicate a simple process that causes them to overthink the entire process to the point where an episode is never released.

In this talk, we’re going to change all that with proven workflows, systems, and entry-level equipment to help you create your company’s voice and distribute it to your audience. 

In this session, attendees will learn: 

  • Recording strategies around your business goals such as driver recruitment, Subject Matter Expert interviews, and onboarding/training. 

  • Methods to build your team in-house, utilizing freelance talent, and a combination of the two.

  • Software, equipment, and workflows to keep this process simple and focused on the ROI goal.


Blythe Brumleve, Digital Dispatch Founder & Logistics Podcaster and Host of Cyberly on Freightwaves

Using turnkey and custom-built solutions, Digital Dispatch offers worry-free web services and digital marketing training to help freight companies shorten sales cycles and amplify brand awareness. Which is fancy talk for helping you make sense of modern-day digital media strategies so you don’t have to spend hours on YouTube figuring out what all these acronyms mean.

In addition to running her company, Blythe is also a co-founder of the Jacksonville Podcasters Unite community, hosts the tech/B2B marketing show Cyberly on Freightwaves, and serves on the board of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.