Salespeople face many roadblocks in the sales cycle.  From prospecting, to building the relationship, to asking the right questions during the sales meeting and even dealing with account management.  These roadblocks can either be technically or conceptual.  We will work through many examples of each and learn some techniques to help you close the sales cycle gap and not get stuck in a roadblock


Jason reynolds

Jason Reynolds, Partner with Sandler Training by The Ruby Group

Jason was born and raised in Ohio and has lived in cities across the state including Canton, Wooster, Youngstown, Akron, Columbus, and Dayton.

Jason is a sales and operations leader, highly experienced in running small and large front-end teams. Jason developed an interest in sales training and executive coaching when he was a student of the Sandler System. He credits the system with helping him achieve record individual contributor results in his previous industry and how to manage and lead his teams more effectively. As a trainer/coach for The Ruby Group, he is constantly inspired by those who have invested their time and effort into training and watching them grow and succeed in their roles.

Jason’s previous sales and operations career experience is based in the Logistics and Transportation industries with roles from Vice President of Sales, Operations, Business Development, and COO of both large and small revenue companies.