Virtual Membership

For individuals brand new to TMSA and looking only for access to its online resources, a virtual membership grants you that access.

Why Become a Virtual Member

While a virtual membership does not give you discounts to TMSA events or industry partnerships, it does give you access to virtual events and online resources (except the TMSA Metrics Study and other marquee research). Any individual involved in marketing, sales, and/or communication for an organization whose mission involves transportation and/or storage of freight/materials qualify.  

Benefits of Membership



TMSA is the place where you can learn and grow. At TMSA, you can gain access to industry leaders and their insight into all market segments of the transportation industry. 



Do you ever wish you could work exclusively with vendors who understand your business? TMSA's affiliate network is full of talented partners who specifically support the transportation and logistics industry. 

Virtual Membership Pricing

Virtual members gain access into webinars, case studies, and more exclusive to TMSA members.

Note, virtual members do not have voting right in TMSA. Additionally, any person or company involved in supplying products or services supportive of marketing, sales or communications executives within the industry are NOT eligible for Virtual membership (i.e., trade media, marketing agency, consultant, etc.)

Virtual memberships are available for only one year per member.

The Price: $95/annually

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