Want better results this year? As sales leaders, you already know that when it comes to improving your sales results, there are a lot of moving pieces and levers you can pull. We're here to share 3 of those levers we are seeing make an impact today. Join us for some new strategies and actionable takeaways you can apply to your business immediately. Join us to learn:

  • How to get your new sales reps up to speed, quickly
  • Improve your leaders ability to support their teams
  • Increase sales from your existing customers


Holly LaBoda, Partner and Co-Founder, Luminaries Consulting

Holly LaBoda helps logistics companies of all shapes and sizes get, keep, and grow larger customers. As a Partner and Co-Founder of Luminaries Consulting, she loves working with clients to help them achieve their goals. A pragmatic business success partner, she takes a holistic view of an organization’s, or individual’s, current state and future goals and helps them design practical ways to bridge the gap. She wants to see all her clients get real results, fast.