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Sarah Ahern Headshot (1)

Sarah Ahern

Title: Owner and Partner
Company: PATH


As a 4-time entrepreneur with experience launching products and programs for major corporations, nonprofits, startups, and more, Sarah has helped companies build human-focused experiences throughout North America.

Sarah is an Owner and Partner at PATH, a research and business management firm with a four-decade history dedicated to supply chain organizations. She is an expert in customer, employee, and market research, data-driven new product innovation, and change management strategies. She helps companies use data to transform the way they understand their customers and employees – ultimately, improving their strategy, bottom line, and ability to outperform the market.

Sarah holds a BS in Strategic Communications from The Ohio State University and an MS in Health Education from John F. Kennedy University.


Learn & Turn: How Exceptional Companies Grow

 Exceptional companies have outperformed the S&P500 by nearly 1200% over the past 15 years. How do they hit such a crazy growth number? They used data to learn more about their customers, their employees and the changing tides of the market. And they turn it into action.

Change gets faster by the second – it seems like as soon as we have our feet under us another change has hit. For some companies, change can be a negative, overwhelming experience. For our clients and businesses like them, change is an opportunity.

What is the difference between painful change and opportunity? A crystal clear focus on:

  • Who your customers are
  • What they want
  • How you can uniquely position your company in the market

In this session, Sarah will share PATH’s “learn and turn” model, giving you ways your company can use data to learn more about your business and turn it into action faster than the competition.


Date/Time: TBD